Why Massage Matters

At Knead a Massage our mission is to help people feel better and do what they love. So whether you are in desperate need of some self-care, training for a marathon, or wish you could pick up your grandkids without pain we believe we can help. Here’s what our talented massage therapists have to say about why massage matters…

“Massage therapy can be a versatile tool when it comes to your healthcare regimen. Whether you’re looking to ease chronic aches and pains, aid in athletic recovery, or looking to pamper your wonderful self, massage can help. Massage therapy is amazing in the fact that it is not a one size fits all. Your session can be tailored to your needs specifically. Most people think massage only benefits a person physically. But as an LMT, I have witnessed massage benefiting many clients in many other ways. Most specifically, mentally and emotionally.”
–Brianne, Licensed Massage Therapist

“The body can hold a great amount of pressure, stress and emotions. But where does this all get stored and how can we release these feelings? More often all of these settle in the body, somewhere in the muscle, fascia or even bones. We lock them away and tend to forget they are there until we feel them trigger again. Just like easing the mind with a run or workout the muscles and connective tissue throughout our bodies need a way to release tension, stress and emotional build up. Once you find where the buildup of the emotions are, massage will help alleviate the tension for prolonged periods of time and sometimes they dissipate so much that your body begins to heal itself. You once again feel healthy and more mobile than before.”
–Cassandra, Licensed Massage Therapist

"Massage matters because it can help to prevent a plethora of injuries. Our bodies are designed to move. In this current day and age most of our movements involve the same set of movements and postures, which we repeat over and over again. As a result our tissue starts to glue down and adhere causing pain, limited range of motion and incorrect posture. When we get massages our body becomes more pliable. Then our body has a tendency to bend, not break!"
–Whitney, Licensed Massage Therapist